Coalition publishes new Information Strategy for the NHS

The NHS published its new Information Strategy today. Designed to help patients in England take control of their health information, the strategy has already met with a mixed reception from industry commentators.

Dick Vinegar at The Guardian comments: “The task is simple; just implement the necessary data and content standards, and we’re away. There is however, an elephant in the room, or rather several elephants, which are all cultural, not technological. They are about attitude.” highlights the recent comments by the BMA on information security in its piece.

And The Evening Standard summs up Andrew Lansley’s quote at the Strategy’s launch event:

Lansley said the moves, part of a new NHS Information Strategy, will give individuals more “power”.

“The internet has revolutionised how people shop, bank and travel, and for too long the NHS has not been part of that.

“These proposals will ensure that the NHS will become easier to understand, easier to access and will drive up standards of care.

“If people are going to be able to choose, with their doctor, which hospital will provide them with the best care, they will need all the latest information.”

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