Technology partners

Adxstudio is a leading provider of web portal and application life-cycle management solutions built for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, SharePoint and .NET platforms and has become the de facto standard Portals module for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Adxstudio Portals transforms Microsoft Dynamics® CRM into a powerful, web-based sales, services, support and social engagement platform.
tendigits TenDigits Software is a global leader in designing always-available wireless CRM solutions that increase mobile workforce productivity. Designed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, TenDigits MobileAccess runs on a wide range of Smartphone and Tablet devices including Windows, Android, Apple and Blackberry.
Resco, founded in 1999, is one of the global leaders in developing cross-platform mobile software solutions. Its Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is currently used by more than 1,500 businesses, with over 65,000 licensed users around the globe.
boomerang Boomerang provides a solution enabling technology that allows any mobile device to be integrated into business processes globally using threaded SMS. Boomerang intelligent SMS uses its unique patented technology to enable any mobile device to be integrated into business processes. Optevia worked with Boomerang to develop a standard interface for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Microsoft has been at the forefront of computing since the development of the desktop computer and now produces many of the world’s leading applications and technologies. Optevia has been proud to be a Microsoft partner since 2004 working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, SQL Server, BizTalk and a wide array of other Microsoft technologies.
communigator CommuniGator has rapidly become one of the leading email marketing software providers in the UK and their solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Hundreds of organisations worldwide rely on CommuniGator for on-demand, on-premise or fully managed email marketing solutions. With datacentres in the UK, CommuniGator is one of the only hosted email marketing solutions which comply with public sector data protection regulations.
teamknowledge Team Knowledge’s TKDialogs solution delivers cost-effective customer services in a contact centre, person to person or on the web. TKDialogs is a Call Scripting tool for use with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It provides end users (web or internal) with easy to follow scripts, which lead the users step-by-step through a defined process.
scc SCC is Europe’s largest independent IT Group and provide a wide range of world-class hosting and managed services solutions up to IL3 security standards.
equiniti Equiniti ICS is one of the fastest growing IT software and services companies in the UK and Ireland. Optevia works with Equiniti ICS for the provision of Infrastructure and Hosting Solutions and also for Microsoft Dynamics CRM project services in Ireland.
experian Experian QAS is a leading supplier of address management solutions, helping you to mitigate the risks of inaccurate data. The well-known QAS solution can be integrated with both Microsoft Dynamics CRM as well as web portal solutions. A wide range of additional datasets can be added including Mosaic profiling data, geographic data and local government data. Solutions can be both on premise or cloud based.
scribe Scribe is a specialist provider of data integration and migration tools designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Their tools can be used to deliver powerful data integration solutions with no coding and can be run either on premise or in the cloud.
capscan Capscan is a leading supplier of international address management solutions and data integrity services with standard solutions available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. There are currently more than 140 different government departments, agencies and local authorities usingCapscan products or services.