Central Government

westminsterThe UK new Government remains focused on reducing the cost of the Public Sector and enabling it to serve people and businesses more effectively. With further cuts planned to the welfare budget and increased spending promised on the NHS, the public sector needs to look seriously at how it operates and provides services to the public.

Despite this on-going rationalisation within the Government arena virtually all of the services provided by the Public Sector are either mandated as essential or too critical to do away with. Therefore with reduced head-count many Government Departments are rapidly modifying the way they provide their services and automating as many tasks as possible using IT; all with the aim of reducing costs while maintaining or improving customer service.

Optevia has enjoyed a recent increase in demand, from a wide variety of Public Sector organisations, for Dynamics CRM based systems that can help plug the gap left by a reduction in staff and funding. These include regulators such as Ofsted, (the schools inspectorate), or the Scottish Social Services Council, or the new breed of UK wide Business Support and Development agencies, such as the Welsh Assemblies Business, Enterprise, Technology and Science Department.

Our Central Government customers tend to have similar system requirements such as the need to segment the various Public’s & Businesses they serve, so helping deploy limited resources cost effectively. Stakeholders that influence these organisations need carefully managing- be they citizens, tax payers, voters, business partners or employees. Reacting effectively to Stakeholder requests and monitoring these carefully all adds up to improved customer services at a lower cost.

Ever improving standards of customer service in the Private Sector have led to raised expectations of service from the Public Sector. Central government agencies are increasingly turning to CRM to enable more effective interaction and relationship management, increasingly via web portals and mobile devices.

Other successful Optevia deployments of Dynamics CRM within the broad Public Sector include the Human Tissue Authority, Office of Fair Trading, Pension’s Regulator, Postcomm, The Criminal Justice IT Agency, National Fraud Authority, Forensic Science Service, Ordnance Survey, The UK Hydrographic Office, Standards for England & NEST, (the UK Pension Fund).

Case Studies