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UK Fire & Rescue Services have been going through a period of significant change since the budget cuts announced as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review of 2010. With services having to make savings of between 12-27% by 2013 this had led inevitably to reductions in numbers of fire fighters and support staff, and the associated organisational changes whilst trying to maintain or improve safety.

More emphasis is now being placed on making processes as efficient as possible whilst also using data to target often limited resources to areas and people who are most at risk.

However many fire services still depend on often ageing ICT systems with a lack of data and systems integration which can be a significant hindrance when trying to meet the current and future challenges of running a modern fire service.

Optevia has worked closely with UK Fire & Rescue Services to develop our Fire & Rescue Essentials which leverages Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide a modern effective solution for Technical/ Legislative Fire Safety, Community Fire Safety, Operations and other areas of a Fire & Rescue Service. We also have a team of consultants who are experienced working with Fire & Rescue Services to understand your specific challenges and provide innovative solutions.

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