Local Government



The last five years has seen an accelerated rate of change within Local Government.

Heavily influenced by budget reductions since 2010, local authorities have been forced to re-examine how best to deliver services to customers both more effectively and at a reduced cost.

This includes a wide range of strategies including:

  • Adoption of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies that put the customer/citizen at the centre of modern, customer focused business processes.
  • Leveraging modern digital engagement strategies to deliver more services via fully integrated web self-service and social media channels.
  • Exploiting new technologies such as Cloud services to drive down the cost of delivering ICT solutions
  • Consolidating applications to drive down ongoing support costs whilst delivering more integrated business processes and modernised flexible application platforms.
  • Seeking opportunities to share costs between other authorities from leveraging best practice and IP to operating shared service partnerships
  • Working more closely with partner agencies to deliver better joined up services

Optevia has been working closely with Local Government to develop innovative CRM solutions since 2004 – based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

Our Local Government division operates with a dedicated team which enables us to retain local government domain expertise and focus 100% of our attention on solutions and best practice for our local government customers. Our consultants are highly experienced working with Local Authorities to understand your specific challenges and provide innovative solutions.

Our Local Government User Group provides a platform and forum for our customers to interact and solve common business challenges.

Our latest generation Local Government Essentials solution combines the best of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Local Government facilities for Web Self-Service, Multi-Channel Contact Centres, Service Delivery and Mobile Working together with powerful back office systems integration.

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