Passenger Transport

With rising levels of road congestion, carbon reduction commitments and the need to increase the strength of regional economies, the public transport sector provides a key role in tackling these challenges.

From Passenger Transport Executives (PTEs), Transport for London, Independent Watchdogs to charity run organisations such as FixMyTransport, the sector has a common aim – to improve the quality of public transport in the UK.

Key issues to improve the quality of transport services to customers include the ability to manage complaints effectively (often involving train/bus operating companies) and the ability to engage effectively with all stakeholders including customers, operators, business and other parts of the public sector.

Optevia has worked closely with many of the UK Passenger Transport organisations to develop our Passenger Transport Essentials which leverages Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide a modern effective solution for Complaints Management, Stakeholder Management and Marketing.

We also have a team of consultants who are experienced working with the Passenger Transport sector to understand your specific challenges and provide innovative solutions.

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