Social Housing


social_housingOptevia Social Housing is not a Housing system…it is a business system for Housing

Social Housing Providers are focused on providing good quality, affordable and well managed accommodation that meets the needs and aspirations of their customers and improves their communities.

Traditionally, Housing IT systems have been based around the properties, their condition and repair and have poorly served their customer relationships. As providers require more sophisticated interactions with their customer base and want to extend the services they offer to them there is a clear need for technology that is flexible, consistent and a natural part of existing business and communication systems.

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Optevia’s Social Housing solution means:

  • Customer services are organised around the needs of the customer
  • All customer contacts are recorded and issues case managed
  • A higher proportion of issues resolved at first contact
  • Ability to complete many transactions at the same time
  • Customers can use any channel including face-to-face, letter, phone, email, web, Text and social networking
  • Easily arranged appointments, allowing Officers to spend a higher proportion of their time out with customers
  • Better integration with partners and stakeholders
  • Balance for employees with mobile and home working

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